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Call for Abstracts

The European Cyclists’ Federation and the City of Viborg invite cycling and tourism professionals to submit an abstract for the EuroVelo & Cycling Tourism Conference 2024 programme.

Taking place from 23 to 25 September in Viborg, Denmark, the EuroVelo & Cycling Tourism Conference is the largest yearly professional event gathering all actors involved in the cycling and tourism sectors. It stimulates knowledge and best practice transfer on EuroVelo, cycling tourism and cycle route networks at an international level.

This year’s theme is Legacy and Localhood. Legacy refers to the impact that large events – such as the Tour de France Grand Départ – and the valorisation of local heritage for tourism purposes can have on the economy, the community, and the use of the bicycle overall. Localhood, in turn, will explore how to involve and engage communities for more sustainable urban and rural development around cycle routes.


Three subthemes – Cycling towards local development, Engaging the locals, and Widening the horizon of cycling tourism – and a number of priority topics will help shape an enticing programme. Read more about the theme and subthemes in the dedicated section 

The Call for abstracts is open until Tuesday, 9 April 2024, 23:59 CEST.

We look forward to receiving your abstract! For any questions about the EuroVelo & Cycling Tourism Conference, the Call for abstracts and the submission platform, please contact Michael Andersen at

Why submit an abstract?

There are many reasons why you should submit an abstract to feature in the programme of the EuroVelo & Cycling Tourism Conference 2024!

• You will be able to present your own ideas and best practices to an international audience of 300+ professionals in the cycling and tourism sectors, including public bodies, businesses and non-profit organisations
• You will increase the awareness of the exciting project(s) you want to present, and throw a spotlight on it
• You will meet many other inspiring speakers and attendees, growing your own network and learning from them as they will learn from you
• You will meet and network with businesses and stakeholders from Europe and beyond
• You can get feedback and identify partners to further develop your concept or idea
• … And much more!

Who can submit an abstract?

The EuroVelo & Cycling Tourism Conference is a professional conference and not an academic one. This means that all professionals can submit an abstract and present their best practices and ideas. Contributions from the academic community are always welcome, but academics should be aware that we do not accept nor require papers, and no academic publications follow the event.

The same person or organisation can submit more than one abstract.


Before submitting an abstract, and session formats

To maximise the chances that your abstract is successful, we recommend that you:

  • Get familiar with the theme and subthemes of the Conference, carefully read the priority topics, and identify one that fits the idea/project(s) you would like to present
  • Identify a preferred format for your presentation among the following:
    • Panel discussions: moderated debates with about 4 experts around a given topic. Initial short presentations of 5 minutes are given by each speaker at the beginning of the session to frame the debate. The moderated discussion with all speakers follows. At the end of the debate a Q&A session with the audience takes place.
    • Lectures: presentations from 4 to 5 experts around a given topic. After an introduction of the subject by the moderator, each speaker presents a case study in 15 minutes. After the presentations a Q&A session with the audience takes place.
    • Fast Pedal Talks: 20 slides with mainly pictures are shown for 20 seconds each (total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds). This format keeps presentations concise and fast-paced, allowing for a lot of new ideas to be presented in a short period of time. After the presentations, speakers are available for direct and targeted Q&A.
    • Workshops: interactive sessions around a specific topic, that allow to introduce ideas or problems and brainstorm them or find solutions with a collective, hands-on approach.
  • Write the abstract in English, keeping the maximum number of words in mind: 20 words for the title, 350 words for the text of your abstract
  • Have a headshot (jpg, png) ready for upload and a few biography lines in English (max 50 words).


How to submit an abstract?

You can submit an abstract via the OxfordAbstract online platform. Connect to the platform by clicking on the link below, create an account and fill in the form. You have time until 9 April, 23:59 CET to finalise your submission. Partial or incomplete submissions will not be taken into consideration.

You can watch a tutorial to get familiar with the platform.

For any questions about the abstracts and the submission platform, please contact Michael Andersen at

Selection and next steps

Received abstracts will be evaluated by at least three reviewers appointed by the European Cyclists’ Federation and the City of Viborg according to the following criteria:

• Promotion of cycling and sustainable tourism
• Level of innovation and originality
• Prospect of transferability
• Alignment with the conference theme and subthemes.

After the review, the Programme Team will build sessions on the topics around the conference theme and subthemes. Selected abstracts will be assigned to relevant sessions paying particular attention to geographical and gender balance. An International Programme Committee composed of selected experts advises the Programme Team along the process to ensure alignment with our sector’s priorities.

All people who have submitted one or multiple abstracts will be notified by email of the selection or rejection of their abstract(s) in June 2024.

Speakers of the accepted abstracts will be required to confirm their attendance and finalise their registration in June, prior to their final inclusion in the conference programme.

The organisers do not cover travel and accommodation costs. Speakers will benefit from a reduced Conference ticket of 275 EUR + VAT.

For accepted abstracts, please note that the session format may be different from the preferred one. The title of selected abstracts may be updated by the hosts, in coordination with the selected speaker, to better fit the programme of the EuroVelo & Cycling Tourism Conference 2024.