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On Wednesday 25 September, from 9:00 to 13:00, we offer five different technical visits. Here you have the possibility to learn more about the offers and solutions in Viborg for cycling and cycling tourism.

You can rent a bike, if you are not bringing your own. Please remember to book your bike during registration.

1. “De fem Halder” (“The five Halds” – local fortresses and manor houses)
Approx. 25 kms

A historical stronghold for knights and noble men and today an important attraction and waypoint on EuroVelo 3. The present manor house and the remains of the former combines recreative storytelling, activity and service, and is also the site for both “Naturskolen ved Hald” (a centre for experiences and activities in nature) and “Herberget ved Hald Hovedgaard” (“The hostel at Hald Manor”) – a fine example on how local engagement turned out into an important service on EuroVelo 3.

This excursion can be done on all kinds of bikes. Route:

2. Hillclimb by L’Etape Denmark by Tour de France
Approx. 35 kms

Experience the ambience of Denmark’s biggest gran fondo and climb “Alpe Dollerup” – an iconic local climb and also showing some of the surroundings of the EuroVelo 3.

For the excursion the climb will exclusively be dressed as during the L’Etape Denmark – look out for the polka dotted jersey!

This excursion is best experienced on road bikes, but can be done on all kind of bikes. Route:

3. “Ødalen” – a mountain bike track almost in the city centre
Approx. 10 kms

Right outside the city centre and next to the lake “Søndersø” a former military area is today the perfect frame for one of the top tracks in the “Viborg Trailarena”. Hills, berms, sand and flow – this track has is all.

All tracks in the “Viborg Trailarena” are established and maintained by volunteered local trail builders – without whom there would be no facilities.

This excursion is done with mountain bikes. Route:

4. Hjarbæk – combining the city and the fiord
Approx. 30 kms

The village of Hjarbæk is Viborg’s former harbour – and in earlier days one of Viborg’s gateways to the World in addition to Hærvejen. Today the locals are keeping this gem in really good condition – and have created both a perfect stop on a daytour for cycling tourists from Viborg as well as for travellers on National Cycling Routes 2 and 12.

This excursion can be done on all kinds of bikes. Route:

5. The Pilgrim Centre (walking tour)

Situated right in the heart of Viborg and next to the Cathedral is the upcoming Pilgrim Centre.

Thousands of pilgrims have travelled “Hærvejen” over the centuries and the upcoming Centre will welcome them to Viborg – or wish them safe travels when they head out on foot or bike. Following the EuroVelo 3 the destination could be Trondheim in Norway or Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

This excursion will be done on foot – the city centre is only a short walking distance from the Tinghallen venue.

When you register, please sign up for one of the tours. We try to fulfil all wishes, but cannot guarantee places for all at the different tours. The final list of participation on the different tours will be announced later.