Foto: Jesper Maagaard – Viborg Domkirke – Foto: Frame & Work – Viborg


Denmark is a nation of cyclists. We cycle to work, to kindergarten and to school. We cycle for fun – and for sport. Nearly every Dane owns a bicycle and 14% of all transport in Denmark is done on a bicycle. In Denmark, you’ll find the best cycling cities in the world, and smaller cities like Viborg are a model for many innovative cycling solutions abroad.

Denmark was among the first countries with a national network of cycling routes. It dates back to 1988, where the first national cycling route, The Ancient Road – Hærvejen, was established. 

The Danish network was a great inspiration to the EuroVelo network when it was launched in 1997. So Hærvejen, which is now part of EuroVelo 3, is a trip back to the very roots of EuroVelo.

The world of professional cycling kept a strong eye on Denmark in 2022 during the Grand Départ – the start of Tour de France, which was celebrated over three fantastic days in July. This mega event gave basis for a number of both professional and amateur cycling events and for widening even further the national interest for cycling.


It is a great pleasure to welcome the EuroVelo & Cycling Tourism Conference 2024 to Viborg.

Viborg has always been an attractive hotspot for international gatherings and events. The former capital of Denmark with the world’s largest granite cathedral. Here people in the Viking Age flocked to trade, and the markets “Snapstinget” originated in the Middle Ages.  It is Viborg’s DNA to bring people together.

Today, Viborg is a creative and innovative city with an easygoing atmosphere and collaborative approach. In 2019, Viborg became the first UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts in Scandinavia.

The newly renovated Congress Center Tinghallen is the perfect venue for large events such as the EuroVelo & Cycling Tourism Conference. With its direct passage to the newly opened PEAK12 hotel, you have everything in reach.

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and historic focus points such as Dollerup Bakker and Hald Ege, a visit to Viborg is not complete without a ride on one of the highly popular bike trails outside of the city.

Do as the pilgrims have done for centuries: follow The Ancient Road – Hærvejen – to Viborg in the revitalised bike trails. For participants arriving by plane, Viborg offers excellent flight connections from all of Denmark’s international airports, which are continuously expanding airline routes connecting Viborg to the world.

The ambience is unpretentious, easy-going, optimistic and ambitious, buzzing with creativity and innovative energy, and we love to welcome our visitors.

So, with a vibrant mix of creativity and a blast from the past, modern facilities, cultural experiences, attractions, shopping, nordic gastronomy, and much more – Viborg is the place to be!

Once again – welcome!

Kind Regards

Ulrik Wilbek
Municipality of Viborg